Monday, April 23, 2012


So, for an assignment for one of my classes, I had to "shadow" someone in a field that I might possibly consider going into. I thought about it and decided that no chefs would let me hang out in a kitchen, and there aren't any publishing companies around, so I decided to shadow a teacher. I ended up in my friend's middle school science classes and merely observed. Here is how my morning went.

8:08--Leave the house later than I wanted, searching for this school that I didn't have any clue where it was.
8:27--Arrive. Phew. That wasn't as problematic as I expected.
8:36--Get lost looking for the classroom. Decide I should ask for directions.
8:38--Random kid wearing a straw hat similar to a Fedora tips his hat to me. I smile.
8:40--Lost again. Ask person number two.
8:41--Success! Found the room. Chat with teaching friend; make sarcastic remarks about his wall decor.
9:00--First class. Get random looks from every student who enters.
9:20--Some Junior Higher wolf-whistles at me.
10:00--Class two. More confused looks from students.
10:30--Decide this is not actually a science lab, due to the lack of Bunsen Burners.
11:00--Class three. Ignored by students who enter; listen to lecture on the Circulatory system...again.
11:15--Student to teacher: "Who's she?" Teacher: "A friend" Student to me: "Hi, Friend!" Me: "Hi, Student". Laughter.
11:48--Leave during class activity to beat the mobs of students at lunch on my way to the car.

In all, it was an...enlightening experience. I discovered that at the end of the school year, they just want to leave. Also, they don't stop moving. My conclusion is this: maybe I could be a middle school teacher. I might have to throw that option into the mix of possible life careers. I'm also considering observing a lower elementary class as well, before I write the essay on my experience. Just because.

Psalm 119:9 NIV
"How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word."

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